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Meeting with Pro-Russian Activists after 40 Die in Clashes

On the night of May 2, 2014 over 40 proRussian activists from the Odessa community died in a fire resulting from street protest clashes between pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian activists. Less than four days later Duke attempted to meet with ProRussian leaders and activists to establish dialogue and to begin to understand first-hand what their experiences have been and what their needs and values are.

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Restorative Circles

Building Effective Responses to Conflict to Strengthen our Communities

Restorative Circles (RC) is a systemic response of community self-care that directly addresses a community’s sense of relatedness, belonging, cohesion and connection. It invites us into a whole new way of understanding and experiencing being in community, engaging in justice, and living interdependently. RC establishes a simple, concrete structure which empowers communities to consciously choose how they would like to respond to misunderstandings and conflict before it occurs – a form of proactive conflict transformation. It enables a community to choose a nonviolent response to conflict that involves the whole community in discovering their own sustainable strategies by addressing immediate as well as underlying long-term causes.

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From Fear to Understanding

Novohrodivka Dialogue

The small town of Novohrodivka, 15 km from the warfront (ATO) had been experiencing conflict between the local Russian-speaking residents of the town and the Ukrainian army stationed there.

We were invited to support dialogue between these two groups. Anton, a colleague who was a participant in the dialogue facilitation training arranged by Foundations for Freedom, had made connections both with the leaders from a local town and with the commander of the army brigade. He met with each of them separately and they each agreed that they would like support to have a dialogue to try to reframe their relationship.

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